Functional and Beautiful

We believe that water storage should be both functional and beautiful. That’s why we created Rain Blocs, our patented water storage system.

What are Rain Blocs?

A Rain Bloc is a modular 50-gallon water storage tank with “super-powers”. It’s unique shape and patented design enables you to connect them together and build 1000’s of gallons of rainwater storage into existing landscaping and home decor.

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Design Ideas

Stackable. Hackable. Water Storage.

Expandable Storage

The RainBlocs slim-line design are able to be connected together into a “network” of water storage. This approach provides flexible and expandable storage capacity from 50 gallons to 1000 gallons or more.

Distinctive Coverings

RainBlocs’ unique design allows you to attach beautiful coverings made from a nearly unlimited choice of materials. Design your own or choose from our carefully crafted designs.

Easy Installation

With RainBlocs’ easy-to-use connector systems, you can build your “network” and and attach your coverings in as little as 2 hours.

Durable Construction

Our RainBlocs are rotationally molded using high density, food-grade plastic right here in the USA. They are strong enough to hold many-times their full-weight. When combined with Coverings, they are sure to last years and years.

Rain Blocs Wall Installation