I have a flat roof. Would a rainwater harvesting system be a viable option for me?2019-11-29T15:59:59-07:00

Yes, rainwater can still be collected from a flat roof.

What material are Rain Blocs made from?2019-11-29T15:59:23-07:00

Rain Blocs are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Can Rain Blocs be buried underground?2019-11-29T15:58:08-07:00

Rain Blocs are currently designed for above ground use only.

Can I move or reconfigure my Rain Blocs?2019-11-29T15:57:13-07:00

Yes, Rain Blocs are designed to be reused and reconfigured to fit into your landscape.

How much does a full Rain Bloc weigh?2019-11-29T15:56:22-07:00

A full Rain Bloc weighs 470 lbs.

How do I make the most of 50 gallons?2019-11-29T15:55:28-07:00

50 gallons of rainwater can go a long way to improve your plants life. Most tap water contains disolved salts and minerals. These salts can build up in the soil over time. This build up can cause your plants roots to be inefficient or reduce their depth. Using rainwater periodically will help to push the salts farther down into the soil, allowing your pants roots to grow deeper and be more effective absorbing nutrients.

What can I use the water for?2019-11-29T15:53:59-07:00

Most people use rainwater to supplement tap water for outdoor irrigation. Since rainwater is naturally soft water, it helps to push salts in the soil further down, away from plant roots. Rainwater can also be used indoor for flushing toilets, doing laundry, etc. However, indoor use requires additional filtering and plumbing.

How does the water get out of the tank?2019-11-29T15:53:13-07:00

You can attach drip irrigation, soaker or regular hose to the Rain Bloc.

How does the water get into the tank?2019-11-29T15:46:39-07:00

Water is directed to the tanks with either a Dry or Wet system. In a Dry system, the water from your roof is directed by gutters into the top of the tank. Typically, this means that the tanks are located next to the home and near the downspout. In a Wet system, the water from your roof is directed by gutters to the downspout. The downspout then runs underground to the tank. The tanks in a Wet system can be located farther away from the house.

What is rainwater harvesting?2019-11-29T15:45:43-07:00

There are two types of rainwater harvesting, active and passive. Active rainwater harvesting is the collection and storage of rainwater from your roof into tanks for later use. Passive rainwater harvesting directs ground runoff with earthworks to slow water and allow it to soak into the ground on site.

How much water does each Rain Bloc hold?2019-11-29T15:44:29-07:00

Each Rain Bloc holds 50 gallons of water.

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